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Our Story

"Being efficient without regard to effectiveness is the default mode of the universe." - Tim Ferriss

Let us be clear about our mission and why we're here. Technology has opened doors for everyone. Perhaps you're here because you're working late nights on a side hustle? Have you spent too much time mindlessly staring at your social media feed during #WFH? Do you have a friend who is suffering from  burnout?

We're not going to encourage you to look at your screen just for the sake of appearing productive. Especially in light of the well-documented dangers of blue light - counterproductive for sleep and for productivity itself. In fact, here's what we suggest.

1) Limit your screen and social media time.

2) Enjoy your time with your friends and family.

3) Buy a pair of Night Owl Glasses and use these for your afternoon/evening/night work sessions

If you message us, hopefully we'll be off the grid and #ConnectingWithNature. But when it's time to get down to business, we'll throw on a pair of Night Owls and take that simple step to preserve our lives, our productivity, and our happiness. We hope you will too.


"Research shows that sleep is one of the key factors in predicting one’s life expectancy. How you spend the last hour of your day is almost as important as the first when it comes to peak performance. Too many people are sleep deprived, which is due to technology. Research reveals that the blue light our devices emit reduces melatonin levels– the chemical that induces sleep. Being in front of a screen before sleeping will prevent you from resting properly, so turn your technology off no later than 8 p.m." 

- 5 AM Club, Robin Sharma